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If you are looking for a place to get lost in time when you come from work, enjoy the game, letting of some steam and exchange a word or two with your pals from all around the world, it is here! We are the - Souls of [Iruladoon] - , funny name, we know. But it fits! As many times, have we landed in various campfires throughout Neverwinter, only to be reincarnated and never to lose our souls. If you are all too high and mighty to help, think there is no other way to play than your way or are in any way just generally an unpleasant person, don't bother to read any further, this is not a group for you. Everybody else, welcome to our official website! Read on...  laughing

-Who are we-

We are a group of casual, family friendly, mature minded and sociable people. We are dedicated to a fair point, who enjoy having a laugh and helping our fellow man and Iruladoon is the place we call home. 

-What can we offer you -

If you choose to become one of us we can offer you friends to have good time with, advice, help with play, gearing and development and some fire power to watch your back. The means of communication we are using are guild chat, Discord and this (obviously fabulous) website. Founded January 2016, we are now a GH20 Sword guild in the Fabled Alliance and our players range from fairly new to founders. We are actively working on stronghold advances so as a guild we are developing really fast (and I m not kidding on this one ). Although we are not afraid of some work, generally we are a bit more concerned about having fun and making a stress free environment for us and our friends than stronghold progression so THERE WILL NEVER BE A GUILD TAX. We will get there, if it takes us a little bit longer, well, priorities are priorities... Our members are all active and are mostly working people with families who usually play in the evenings. The alliance hosts various impromptu activities as well as scheduled events including guild hosted events for fun. bragging rights and prizes.

- Who are we looking for -

Members of all levels and classes, dedicated, like-minded, social, fairly active people from all around the world who like to play, help and have fun. Please keep in mind that official website and guild chat language is English.

- What we expect from our members -

To be reasonably active, to contribute to the well-being of our community, bond and cooperate with their fellow guildies, make friends and have fun playing. Chatting is encouraged but not necessary. If you are a lonely ranger, we dig and respect that too as long as you fairly contribute and follow our basically common sense [rules]. We also do not accept multi-guilding. You are either a full member of the guild or you are not.

- Who are we not looking for –

Exploiters, Sellers, Botters, generally unpleasant people, gear snobs, vote kickers. These are examples and not limited to, violations of Rule #2.

If you think we are lots of fun and would like to join our merry group of soul reincarnates, please sign in or create an enjin account and fill out the [Recruitment Form] or send us a tell in game. To find us in game, open the "social" window (default key bind is 'o'), select the find guild tab and search for '- Souls of Iruladoon -'. Anyone in the guild, rank 4 and above can invite.